Tugas Kuliah Dasar Pemograman



using namespace std;

int main()


float angka01,angka02,hsl;

char opr;

cout<<“=============SIMPLE CALCULATOR================\n”;

cout<<“=========={VERY EASY DAN SIMPLE}==============\n”;

cout << “Let’s Try…!!!” << endl;

cout <<“Insert the First Number =”; cin >>angka01;

cout <<“Insert the Oprasional =”; cin>>opr;

cout <<“Insert the Second Number =”; cin >>angka02;

if (opr==’+’) hsl=angka01+angka02;

if (opr==’-‘) hsl=angka01-angka02;

if (opr==’*’) hsl=angka01*angka02;

if (opr==’/’) hsl=angka01/angka02;

cout <<“The velue is =” <<hsl<<endl;

cout <<“\n”;

cout <<“Made by “<<endl;

cout <<“Name : Ahmad Afif\n”;

cout <<“Study Program: Informatic Enginering\n”;

cout <<“Stambuk : 54853\n”;

cout <<endl;

cout <<“Thank You Very Much\n”;

cout <<“bye-bye”;

return 0;



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